About the foundation

Our story began with the official registration at the Ministry of Interior on December 6, 2013 with a vision to be a strong and reliable partner. We were founded by our mother company Kia Motors Slovakia as a successor of corporate social responsibility in the Zilina region. While Kia wants to be a lifelong partner not only in the automotive industry, but also beyond these borders. Kia Foundation is therefore perceived as a tool for possibility of enriching the communities in which it operates.

Our ambition is not only to distribute the financial resources but we also want to support any changes that make our surroundings a better place to live in together. Kia Foundation´s vision is to be a strong, flexible, transparent, open and trustworthy partner in the fields where our assistance and help will be beneficial and welcome.

Our motto is – Let´s move the world together!

Annual report 2017 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2016 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Kia Foundation is managed by Administration Board whose members are participating in approval of all processes, preparation of guidelines for the foundation and are especially here to provide help. All members of the Administration Board are also members of the Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) company management.

Administration Board is represented by:

  • Dae-Sik Kim, Chairman of the Administration Board, President and CEO (Kia Motors Slovakia)
  • Jun Gyu Lee, Member of the Administration Board, CFO (Kia Motors Slovakia)
  • Vicepresident of Administration division Jeong-Ick Lee (Kia Motors Slovakia)

Our activities are supervised by Supervisory Board that consists of professionals from KMS who assist with accounting, cost control and other services to ensure maximum financial transparency and trustworthiness towards our partners and public.

Supervisory Board is represented by:

  • K. J. Joo, Member of the Supervisory Board & Coordinator of Cost Control department (Kia Motors Slovakia)
  • Adriana Kociánová, Member of the Supervisory Board & Head of Accounting & Finance department (Kia Motors Slovakia)
  • Dušan Mizera, Member of the Supervisory Board & Head of Cost Control department (Kia Motors Slovakia)


Administrator of the foundation is a person on the right chair who is managing foundation´s activities, is acting on behalf of foundation and is also the statutory body.

The first Administrator of Kia Foundation – Branislav Hadar (also Head of Public Relations department in Kia Motors Slovakia).

Kia Foundation employees

Our foundation employees are Lucia Holubkova and Michaela Shahbazi who are responsible for operation, administration and adjustment of the foundation processes. They are also contact persons whom you can get in touch with on behalf of grant schemes or any additional information.

We also fulfil the following values:

  • Customer: The customer is our ultimate recipient within the philanthropic and donor assistance. We provide the highest quality service, in our case transparent and personalized assistance, where the assistance is needed.
  • Challenge: There is no insurmountable barrier for us. We challenge every opportunity to make philanthropy flourish.
  • Cooperation: we focus on mutual communication and collaboration between all partners. We believe that together with our partners we will achieve a change.
  • People: We believe that not only the future of our organization but also of the Žilina region depends on the deepest belief and people’s ability to be a partner for our surroundings. We respect all differences between people.
  • Globallity: We respect the diversity of cultures, social statuses, fates and customs. We strive to become a strong and reliable foundation.

In addition to the fundamental values, we respect and support transparency, commitment to assist, both long-term and one-off partnerships, solidarity, ability to help in overcoming obstacles by the disadvantaged. We believe in social change and social inclusion. We are professionals but also people with good heart.

Code of Ethics presents a summary of principles expressing fundamental values of organizational culture and strategy of Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation. Each member of the Administration Board, Supervisory Board, Evaluation Committee, the employees of the Foundation and the permanent fellow workers of the foundation are governed by  ethical principles.

Any breach of the Code of Ethics may result in removal from the Administration Board, Supervisory Board, Evaluation Committee, or in termination of employment of the foundation employees, or in termination of other employment relationship.

Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation is strictly neutral to any political or religious parties.


In case our foundation is a partner of your project and you plan to publish our logo, here are all the important downloadables you need:

  1. our logo
  2. logo manual
  3. sport & education support banners

Education support - download banner

Education support – download banner

Sport support - download banner

Sport support – download banner

Logomanual download

Logomanual download

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail info@nadaciakia.sk or via phone at 041/515 1523.

In form of direct money donation to the Kia Foundation bank account:

  • Account number: 3276396353/0200
  • IBAN: SK51 0200 0000 0032 7639 6353

In form of 2% assignation from the income tax of individuals or legal entities. Below you can find al of the necessary information for tax return which need to be filled in:

  • IČO/SID: 42349826 (SID nevypĺňame)
  • Právna forma: nadácia
  • Obchodné meno (názov): Nadácia Kia Motors Slovakia
  • Sídlo-ulica: Jána Nepomuckého
  • Súpisné/orientačné číslo: 1282/1
  • PSČ: 013 01
  • Obec: Teplička nad Váhom

Annual report for 2016 year.

Annual report for 2017 year.

Thank you for helping us helping others.

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Grant programs 2019

We will launch the new grant programs for 2019 this February / March. Follow our website or Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/nadaciakia/, where we will publish new grant programs and their terms & conditions.


Having a question regarding new or old grant programs? Please contact:

Lucia Holúbková, phone no.: 041/ 515 1522, 0911 146 001;  E-mail: info@nadaciakia.sk


Contact telephone number:

041/515 1523 or 0904/970 100

Contact person:

Lucia Hurajova – Project coordinator

Michaela Shahbazi – Project coordinator

Post address and billing information:

Nadácia Kia Motors Slovakia

Sv. Jána Nepomuckého 1282/1

013 01 Teplička nad Váhom

IČO: 42349826

DIČ: 2024083215

Bank account number:


IBAN: SK51 0200 0000 0032 7639 6353