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Kia Slovakia Foundation

Kia Slovakia Foundation has been performing non-profit activities since 2013. With the support of founder, Kia Slovakia s. r. o., it is devoted to philanthropy especially in the Žilina region.

We care and actively look for the needs of people and environment they live in. We aim to provide resources and act so that our help and support can make a true and lasting difference while we regularly evaluate our scope and activities to achieve the most effective results.

We always keep in mind our ethical principles as the basis for maintaining integrity and building trust. Our activities, ethical principles and financial results are regularly and transparently presented at our website.

With our own projects, long-term partnership projects and grant programs we are dedicated to certain topics while we naturally consider the effect of our actions on the wider community as well as the sustainability of each and every particular support.

Our support helps to reconstruct and revitalize public spaces, hospitals, education and sport facilities, as well as to build cycling paths and improve the material conditions for the provision of social and medical care.

Our pillars and partnerships

  • Mobility. At Kia Foundation, a green mobility is a leading topic, we cooperate with local municipalities and participate in significant projects:
    • a unique system of shared bicycles with Žilina city (Bikesharing) allowing citizens to use shared bicycles for 30 minutes free of charge,
    • we contribute to Regional Tourism Organization Malá Fatra in the construction of the cycling path called Terchovská dolina,
    • we built pumptracks in the cities of Žilina, Martin and Čadca.
  • Health and Social Support. With a long-term vision of improving level of health and social care, we primarily address the assistance to:
    • regional hospitals for reconstructions and purchase of medical equipment for prevention, diagnosis and treatment,
    • centers for children and families, community centers and social entities for interior equipment.
  • Education. We provide a long-term support of the education with focus on technical skills development by:
    • creating the technical corners in kindergartens and purchasing technical equipment for primary and secondary schools,
    • procuring of educational online software licenses.

Our grant programs

  • Volunteering. We create opportunities for community organization with focus on environmental development, revitalization of public spaces, cultural monuments and school gardens.
  • Sport in the Region. We care for long-term improvement of quality of sport infrastructure by providing sport and leisure activities support by purchase of equipment and construction and reconstruction of sport facilities.
  • Advent calendar. At Christmas time, we strive for health protection and social care. The purpose is to finance the treatment, medical devices and material assistance to socially disadvantaged families and children.

Our annual reports

Annual report 2021 – Kia Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2020 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2019 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2018 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2017 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Annual report 2016 – Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation

Administration Board:

Foundation is managed by Administration Board whose members are participating in approval of all processes, preparation of guidelines for the foundation and are especially here to provide help. All members of the Administration Board are also members of the Kia Slovakia (KaSK) company management.

  • Geon Won Shin – Chairman of the Administration Board of the Foundation, President and CEO of KaSK
  • Uk Jeon – Member of the Administration Board of the Foundation and the Chief Financial Officer Head of Finance Division of KaSK
  • Jeong Ick Lee – Member of the Administration Board of the Foundation and Coordinator of the Administration Division of KaSK
  • Branislav Imre – Member of the Administration Board of the Foundation, Vice President responsible for Administration Division

Supervisory Board:

Our activities are supervised by Supervisory Board that consists of professionals from KaSK who assist with accounting, cost control and other services to ensure maximum financial transparency and trustworthiness towards our partners and public.

  • Won Jin Kim –  Member of the Supervisory Board & Coordinator of Employee Relations, Public Relations and Legal department (KaSK)
  • Adriana Kociánová – Member of the Supervisory Board & Head of Accounting & Finance department (KaSK)
  • Dušan Mizera –  Member of the Supervisory Board & Head of Cost Control department (KaSK)


Administrator of the Foundation is a person on the right chair who is managing foundation´s activities, is acting on behalf of foundation and is also the statutory body. Current Administrator of the Foundation is Tomáš Kováč – who also leads the section for government and public affairs in KaSK.

Kia Foundation employees

Our foundation employees are Darina Mikušová and Beáta Ďurišová who are responsible for operation, administration and adjustment of the Foundation processes. They are also contact persons whom you can get in touch with on behalf of grant schemes or any additional information.


Through community service activities we want to lend a helping hand where our help is needed and where focus is in harmony with the areas of support we devote ourselves to. We follow the slogan: “Let’s move the world together”.


The Foundation’s mission is to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for the community, Žilina Region and Slovakia. The Foundation wants to fulfil the social responsibility of its founder, Kia Slovakia, and to actively seek for new challenges that will transform the surroundings into a better world.

We fulfill our mission mainly by supporting active organizations:

  • direct donation of funds,
  • implementation of open grant programs,
  • support for partnership projects,
  • arranging volunteering activities,
  • implementation of own projects.

Program strategy and priorities

Within the Foundation, we primarily address our  philanthropic activities supporting sport, the development of education, mobility in the region and the development of volunteering with partner non-profit organizations. Our ambition is not only to redistribute funds and grants, but also to support any change that makes our surroundings a better place. We want to support a modern and well-functioning society, through altruistic acts done for the benefit of others, showing interest in others, helping the weak and disadvantaged.

Main program areas – support of sports activities, mobility, education and volunteering in the region

  • Grant programs:

GP “Volunteering” focused on the development of volunteer activities in the Žilina region;
GP “Sport in the region” in order to increase the quality of sports grounds and sports infrastructure;
GP “Advent calendar” to support health protection and social assistance in the region.

  • Major Partnerships:

City of Žilina for the system of shared bicycles in the city of Žilina (so-called Bikesharing) in the form of a 5-year memorandum of cooperation. The project features 121 bicycles and 21 stations available to users for 30 minutes free of charge;

Regional Organization –  Malá Fatra for the project Cycling Path Žilina- Terhcová – 3-year agreement on cooperation and project financing in the amount of 5% of the total eligible costs of the project;

University Hospital in Žilina for long-term support through reconstruction work and the purchase of medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment;

Primary and secondary schools to support technical education (purchase of technical aids) and online education (purchase of annual licenses of educational software) for selected schools in the Žilina region.

Our ethical principles
The purpose of our Foundation is to lend a helping hand where it is needed. We believe this sense we will only achieve this if we are a credible partner for the community and if our activity is at the same time based on strict ethical principles and their observance. It is therefore a matter of course for us to do our job
we perform and will perform:

  • with an emphasis on public benefit so that we fulfill the basic mission of philanthropic activity and social responsibility, without any discrimination and political or ideological influence,
  • honestly and fairly, we strictly reject, do not tolerate conflicts of interest and acceptance of any personal benefits that would influence decision-making, while creating an environment that prevents this,
  • in accordance with legislation, accounting and auditing standards, without providing funding in cash and with a regularly evaluated system of mutual control and risk management,
  • economically and efficiently to spend money on activities or the procurement of goods, works and services at the right time, in the right quantity and quality for the best price and in the most favorable the result achieved,
  • transparency so that the public and our partners have access to information about our activities and rules, which we follow when making decisions,
  •  taking into account the environment and its protection, so that our activities do not burden but actively create environment.


External communication rules for beneficiaries

The beneficiary communicates the foundation in all written materials (publications) and public performances directly related to the aided project. In the interests of unified communication and for clarity, we ask you to communicate to the Foundation according to well-defined rules.

Correct name
Indicate that the relevant activity (project, publication, etc.) was supported by the Kia Foundation. If it is a project with several donors, the full name – Kia Foundation – must be mentioned among the supporters.

Proper use of the logo
If logos appear instead of the foundation’s name, the Kia Foundation’s logo must be published in the correct one dimensional and color version, which can be found on the website www.nadaciakia.sk in the section About the Foundation / Logo and design. Do not use other or modified logos. In the case of printing logos on posters, advertising or commemorative boards or other media, it is necessary to consult the use of the logo in advance at the e-mail address info@nadaciakia.sk, at least 7 working days before entering into the press and then wait for a written / e-mail authorization graphic designs and visualizations. Correct and current logos:

Logo Nadacia 2021_ENG

 horizontal logo for download

Logo Nadacia 2021_ENG_vert

vertical logo for download

Public appearances
It is necessary for public appearances, ceremonial opening events and communication in the media inform that the funds or material equipment were provided by the Kia Foundation. Beneficiary informs the Kia Foundation in advance of the dates of the most important activities related to the given project. If it is for larger events (eg opening of the playground, etc.), the recipient on time, at least 10 working days in advance, discusses with the foundation the possible participation and speech of the donor.



1. In the form of a monetary gift – a monetary gift can be sent directly to the account of the Kia Slovakia Foundation (IBAN: SK51 0200 0000 0032 7639 6353).

2. By donating 2% of the income tax of natural or legal persons – the declaration and confirmation of payment of the tax shall be submitted by the taxpayer on the forms valid for the relevant tax period.

The rules of personal data protection are published in the Slovak version of the website – https://www.nadaciakia.sk/#tabs-7

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Grant programs 2020

Grant programs for 2020 are already closed.


Having a question regarding new or old grant programs? Please contact:

Simona Pružinská, phone no.: 041/ 515 1523,  E-mail: info@nadaciakia.sk


Beáta Ďurišová, phone no.: 041/ 515 1522,  E-mail: info@nadaciakia.sk


Contact telephone number:

+421 41 515 1522 or +421 41 515 1523

Project Coordinators :

Simona Pruzinska:+421 911 146 001

Beata Durisova: +421 904 970 100

Post address and billing information:

Nadácia Kia Slovakia

Sv. Jána Nepomuckého 1282/1

013 01 Teplička nad Váhom

IČO: 42349826

DIČ: 2024083215

Bank account number:

IBAN: SK51 0200 0000 0032 7639 6353